SketchUp Extension for conversion to CATT-Acoustic : Sk2Geo

Sk2Geo is an extension for SketchUp that allows you to export structured data from SketchUp to CATT-Acoustic.

Sk2Geo is fully compatible with the latest versions of SketchUp, from SketchUp 2014 to 2022.


SketchUp is an easy to learn software, with a friendly user interface for 3D modelling.

The way the 3D entities are handled inside SketchUp are in strong conjunction with CATT-Acoustic: co-planar flat planes.

If you want to learn more about SketchUp, have a look at its website Trimble/SketchUp. You'll be able to download a trial version.

Sk2Geo Extension

Sk2Geo is a SketchUp extension developed by Euphonia. It allows to export models created in SketchUp to CATT-Acoustic .GEO and .LOC format files.

Sk2Geo functionnalities

The current version of the Sk2Geo extension has the following capabilities :

Plane sub-division

The planes that are sub-divided are exported with the syntax described in CATT-Acoustic. The only special thing the user has to do is defining a group containing the sub-division, allowing for the extension to export with the desired syntax.

Double-sided planes

Double-sided planes, such as reflectors, can be exported with a diffrent material assigned to each side.

1D diffusors handled thanks to a specific material

Since its version 9.0b, CATT-Acoustic takes into account mono-dimensional difusors; the sound diffusion is managed according to the incidence angle of the ray compared to the motifs orientation.

Sk2Geo provides a material named Diffusor1D, which indicates to CATT-Acoustic that the selected face will be a 1D-diffusor.

Audience area automatic detection

Since the 9.0c version of CATT-Acoustic, it is possible to automatically detect planes that must be considered as audience planes thanks to the special AUDABS keyword. In SketchUp, simply name a material with the prefix "AUDABS".

Automatic (too) close points detection and elimination

Planes corners that are detected being closer to each other than a certain distance that can be manually entered ("Epsilon") are merged into a single one. The default value is 0.01 meter.


The user can choose either the names of the .GEO and .LOC files before they are creatd, the language used in the extension (EN or FR), and the Epsilon distance (see above).

Quick exports thanks to icon-shorcuts in the SketchUp toolbar

Geometry export

Enable to export the geometry informations : vertices and planes (CORNERS and PLANES).

Surface properties export

Enable to export materials. If the .GEO file already exists, it will be updated (pay attention the comment lines are deleted though).

Master export

Enable to export the file linking geometry and materials.

Sources and receivers export

Sk2Geo extension includes composants which enable to insert sources and receivers in the model.

4 types of sources are provided : one omni source plus 3 generic loudspeakers presenting different sizes (small-sized, medium-sized, big-sized). Sources and receivers are exported to CATT-Acoustic as .LOC files with their respecting aimings.

Full export

Self explanatory.

Loudspeaker Tools 4 SketchUp

The new loudspeaker Tools 4 SketchUp helps you to put loudspeakers in your model thanks to a positioning assistance module, in order to provide an initial overview of the speakers coverage, before further processing in CATT-Acoustic. Vertical and horizontal -3 or -6 dB coverage angles are manually entered in order to give an approximate estimation of the sound coverage; the goal is the give the user the ability to rapidly test loudspeakers set-ups before refining the calculation inside CATT-A.

These sources and their orientations are exported in CATT-Acoustic software, with generic directivity filenames though (catt.SD1). Groups can be differentiated thanks to comments and different generic emission levels, to be tuned inside CATT-A.

Evolution foreground

Sk2Geo is still under development by Euphonia, since the first beta version released in 2005. For example, compatibility with the latest versions of SketchUp is assured. Don't hesitate to ask for new features.


You can download a demo version of the extension here :

Please drop us an email if you want to purchase the full version.